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E kú ojó meta o! Se àlááfíà ni?

Since the last time I posted I have been traveling the country and most importantly moving into a new apartment in Madison, WI where I just embarked on the last semester of my undergraduate career. I am excited and bewildered to be back at University of Wisconsin-Madison after just being in a more laid back environment at University of Ibadan for a semester. One of my main worries this year was that my Yoruba would get bad. After being immersed in Ibadan for 9 months I was worried I would not find enough opportunities to speak. Luckily I am assistant teaching four Yoruba classes this semester. I greet the wide eyes freshman every morning with “E kàáró! Se àlááfìá ni?” It is amazing to see their progress in just one week. More posts about this later. I am approaching this semester as a new beginning in my career to figure out where I want to go from here and what I need to do to get there.

My new business card. I made it myself!

I am keeping very busy, whether with decorating my bedroom (I have a screen print Bruce Onabrakpea signed and gave to me on the wall) or managing a hectic travel schedule. I was in New York City in August for an interview with Sahara Reporters. This weekend, I am jetting off to the big apple yet again, but this time to attend the Egbe Omo Yoruba National Convention in Long Island. Kayode and I will be among the important guests at the weekend convention. Then later in September, I will go to Michigan for an event with the Yoruba American Community. Then in October I will go to London to co-host the Yoruba Heritage Awards.

Along the way I will be dedicated to posting stories, videos and blurbs about my experiences in all of these places. Looking forward to a great Fall.

Emi ni teyin,

Titilayo Oyinbo

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