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The Nigerian Tribune printed an article with the headline “Four Americans Here to Learn Yoruba Language” in the Saturday, October 2 edition of the paper. The article, by Sunday Saanu features a page-width picture of us, confusing information about our program and Yoruba language pedagogy in the U.S., and finally completely botched quotes from Kevin and I. You must understand that journalism in Nigeria does not have the same standards as journalism in the U.S. I am not trying to condemn Nigerian newspapers, but they do not adhere to credible methods of verification, which is so critical to journalism in the U.S. Direct quotes are not common, and if they do appear in an article, it’s not until the end. Such is the case with this article printed about us. Here is how they quoted me:

‘According to Cara who is now Titilayo, “I love Nigeria, I am really enjoying every minute, in fact, I can even get married here if I see an interested man because I am an open-minded person.”‘

I did not say this. Yes, I did use the words ‘open-minded person’, ‘enjoying Nigeria’, but not in any way that resembles “sentence”. I am not happy. I have received hoards of Facebook friend requests, messages and inquires from men about the possibility of me marrying them. Men are ruthless here. I think my professors here at the Yoruba Language Flagship Center are demanding a correction be printed.

A small saving grace: they printed my name “Cara Hashman.” Hopefully this glaring mistake will throw people off when they try to find me on the Internet.

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