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booli roasting

Bòòlì roasting on coals. She constantly turns each plantain to ensure it roasts evenly..

The plantain is a versatile fruit. Fried, boiled or roasted, this tropical fruit retains its deliciousness in all of it’s many forms. The preparation I want to consider today is roasted. In Yoruba we call the roasted plantain bòòlì. Simply place a plantain on the grill, turning it constantly until it starts browning. Booli is commonly eaten with palm oil, ground nut oil or ground nuts, epa. Wherever you see booli, you will almost always see someone selling epa. You can find a woman or man grilling plantains all over Ibadan. I usually go to Orogun or Mokola to get my favorite snack (ipanu). Bòòlì is so delicious. O dún gan an ni. Bòòiì jé ipanu ti mo féràn jú. Make sure to drink water or juice with it because your stomach will feel heavy if you don’t.

Selling bòòlì, roasted plantain, right outside the UI gate.

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