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Believe it. I have cornrows and braids! The heat and humidity here does not agree with my long, curly white-girl hair, SO I decided to go to one of the many hairdressers here. With the help of my mom we explained what I wanted and now I am sporting a cornrow/hair style called two-step.

Caring for my hair with cornrows and braids is quite different than my typical routine.

  • 1) I cannot wash my hair, or get it wet for that matter.
  • 2) I sleep with a scarf wrapped around my head so the braids stay neat
  • 3) I put this gel along the scalp every 3 days so the braids stay shiny

    I will leave the two-step style in for 3 weeks then probably do another cool weave pattern. Having braids is so much easier than worrying about my frizzy mess of a head that I think I might keep it braided for a while. It’s a serious drawback that my head is throbbing with pain right now, and especially when I laugh (which I do quite often) but it should go away soon. Whether it’s a good thing or not, I turn many more heads now that I have braids. Hopefully the requests to marry me don’t increase as well…

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